About Us

Imagining a world where money is exchanged at the speed in which information moves today

Our Story

A group of industry experts conceptualised the idea of offering businesses and consumers the midpoint rate when buying or selling foreign exchange for a transparent fee over the internet in 1998.

Over time, the implementation of this concept embraced many challenges in intellectual property, banking compliance and security. But, with the increase in online payments and disruptive technologies, Midpoint has continued to push forward with this project in the belief that we can truly offer a great value proposition to a broad range of personal and business customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine cross-border commerce as a trusted partner for all users. Starting with the Foreign Exchange space by increasing transparency and facilitating true efficiency in the global flow of value.

We will achieve this by driving value into the FX user experience to gain a network effect. This, together with predictive analytics, anticipates user behaviour. While making possible service developments running on our core technology, as well as supporting lifestyle and business choices, we will build a transparent marketplace for cross-border transactions at a fair value.

To summarise, we want to continue enabling our customers to effectively manage their personal or business treasury online, irrespective of its value or volume.

Meet The Team

David S. Wong

David S. Wong

CEO, Director
Hertz Zhang

Hertz Zhang

Niamh Moran

Niamh Moran

Operations Analyst

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