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      Midpoint in the Media allows customers to exchange euros, US dollars and sterling at the midpoint of the interbank buy and sell rates, by matching the amount it receives in one currency with the amount it receives in the other.

      Financial Times

      Midpoint provides industry low rates and a flat, transparent fee structure.

      Wall Street Journal

      Mike Hampson, Managing Director of Midpoint says, "The rates set by banks and brokers often obscure the underlying charges, favouring large corporates who conduct large transactions. This scenario discriminates against smaller and infrequent users. With Midpoint, everyone receives the same, fair, industry leading exchange rate."

      CNN Money

      Midpoint customers do not need to pre-fund their account. Money is securely transferred when the match is confirmed – guaranteed within 24 hours. This can benefit organisations sensitive to short term cash flow whilst keen to secure the very best currency exchange rate for their business.


      With Midpoint, at the time of the match both parties receive the same exchange rate – the mid point – the real time Interbank buy and sell rate. This ensures Midpoint’s rates are the best available and, as a result, customers save money on each and every currency exchange, paying only a clear and transparent fee to use the service.

      Yahoo Finance

      • Financial Times
      • The Wall Street Journal
      • CNN Money
      • NASDAQ
      • Yahoo Finance

      Recent Testimonials

      Ed van Wezel
      Ceo Hi-Tec Sports International Holdings B.V.

      "Midpoint offers their customers a platform for making online forex payments. They offer great value and are very efficient. I would highly recommend trying them out"

      David Strongman
      President Reflex International Inc.

      I have used Midpoint's currency service to transfer corporate funds from the US to Europe and found it to be efficient, easy to use and most importantly it saved my company 30%+ on wire transfer / bank charges.

      Claudio Migliore

      Trustworthy and innovative service. As an expat, I use Midpoint to fund my overseas and home accounts easily and at a minimal cost.

      Meena Bhandari
      Finance Manager, Radiumone

      Midpoint is an excellent platform to exchange large amounts of money, in which they offer the most competitive exchange rates, which are very close to the spot rate. They invaluably assist businesses to save money.

      • Ed van Wezel
      • David Strongman
      • Claudio
      • radiumone
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      Registration & Authorisation

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      Payees & Orders

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      Matching & Funding

      We will match your order within 24 hours. Your order must be funded within 48 hours of the match.



      You decide when to pay your payee by authorising the payment.


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