Midpoint - P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Currency and Money Exchange
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Transferring money overseas?

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Midpoint is perfect for...

Overseas Workers
International Students
Foreign Property Owners

What our Customers Say

Here are just a few of the reviews that we’ve received from our customers...

From first time set up to completing a transaction we’ve found Midpoint to be a quick and painless way to move currency between our companies. The concept of receiving the midpoint rate for a fixed transaction fee is very appealing too.

Grant Johnson | Director at Rocketspark.com, beautifully simple websites

I have since used their service 5 or 6 more times to transfer money to my US account and will continue to do so in the future. Their staff are very friendly and professional and was a great help when I had questions during my first few transactions.

Randolf Koch

I was really happy to see my GBP on such short notice in my Euro bank account. Without any of the unnecessary costs that banks seem to charge. Also Midpoint gave me the best currency rate and I got the benefit, not the Bank!

Caroline van Wezel | Hi-Tec Sports

I used Midpoint to transfer money abroad following the sale of my flat. I looked at various providers and found Midpoint to be the most competitive. Their staff have been fantastic throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend Midpoint to anyone. They saved me lots of money compared to using my bank. Try them out!

Jo Hiley | Expat

I would just like to extend my thanks to Midpoint for my recent USD to GBP transfer. The process was dealt with superbly and since it was my first peer-to-peer transaction it went very smoothly. Although let down by other financial services, Midpoint helped as I received detailed information and advice along the way.

Matthew Ruffle | International property

Even under the most unusual circumstances, Midpoint was able to help me transfer my salary working abroad back to my home currency. A very swift and personable service. Highly recommended.

Anthony Januszewski | Repatriation of international salary

Having used multiple currency transfer methods in the past, midpoint has been an amazing find. The amount of unnecessary cost that they manage to take out with the peer-to-peer approach is incredible and the customer service I received gave me total confidence that the transaction would be as smooth as it proved to be. Midpoint stood out to me because of the FSA authorisation and transparency around pricing.

Mark Jewell | Circumstance: UK banking expat living in the US

Excellent 5 Star rating

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