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Regulation & Compliance

Regulation & Compliance

We are a Registered Money Service Business based in the United Kingdom Under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, commercial foreign exchange companies are treated as "Money Service Businesses" which are covered by regulations administered by HM Revenue & Customs. Our registration number is: 12358512. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/mlr/msb.htm


Midpoint & Transfer Ltd is authorised & regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a payments institution. Authorisation No. 610889

Midpoint understands that money laundering and terrorist financing is a serious offence and we enforce a stringent Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Policy in our company.

Your Money is Always Safe

All funds are held in the trust accounts of our payment provider Earthport Plc. These accounts are segregated in line with FCA regulations and have been developed to protect client funds in the unexpected event of fraud or bankruptcy. When you remit your funds to cover your order, they will be sent to the trust accounts referred to above. We then instruct Earthport to send the appropriate funds from these accounts to your Beneficiary. This means that your money is always secure.

Your Funds are Never Exposed to Movements in the Market

The Midpoint system simply matches buyers and sellers of a currency pair to allow us to offer you the midmarket rate, and we instruct the payments. We do not speculate in foreign exchange, nor do we take positions in foreign currencies. In summary, we do not risk your funds in the market.

We Do Not Take Money from Your Bank Account

We do not pull funds from your bank account. Rather you must direct them to us. We simply facilitate the exchange and transfer of funds to your beneficiary.

Electronically Secured

Our website is secured to keep you information safe. All transfer notifications and contact with our payment supplier are through an encrypted 128bit connection.

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Recent Testimonials

Ed van Wezel
Ceo Hi-Tec Sports International Holdings B.V.

"Midpoint offers their customers a platform for making online forex payments. They offer great value and are very efficient. I would highly recommend trying them out"

David Strongman
President Reflex International Inc.

I have used Midpoint's currency service to transfer corporate funds from the US to Europe and found it to be efficient, easy to use and most importantly it saved my company 30%+ on wire transfer / bank charges.

Claudio Migliore

Trustworthy and innovative service. As an expat, I use Midpoint to fund my overseas and home accounts easily and at a minimal cost.

Meena Bhandari
Finance Manager, Radiumone

Midpoint is an excellent platform to exchange large amounts of money, in which they offer the most competitive exchange rates, which are very close to the spot rate. They invaluably assist businesses to save money.

Adam Hayes
Managing Director, SNH Tax

Having used various other currency brokers and banks and been involved with referring clients to currency brokers, I have found Midpoint’s to be the best. Once you have registered with Midpoint, the process is simple, transparent and quick. You feel more in control than with other brokers and whenever you might have a question, I have found Midpoint's staff friendly, clear and prompt. I would have no hesitation in recommending Midpoint.

Jo Hiley

I used Midpoint to transfer money abroad following the sale of my flat. I looked at various providers and found Midpoint to be the most competitive. Their staff have been fantastic throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend Midpoint to anyone. They saved me lots of money compared to using my bank. Try them out!