Midpoint - P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Currency and Money Exchange

The Midpoint Concept

The Evolution of Exchange

The evolution of online business has increasingly driven a more efficient and dynamic interface between the service provider and the user. This has dramatically increased efficiencies whilst at the same time reducing costs.

Midpoint harnesses the advantages of global connectivity to any business or individual wanting access to fair and transparent Foreign Exchange.

Eliminating Bank Spread from the FX Transaction

Midpoint is the world’s first authentic peer to peer (P2P) international currency matching & payments platform offering mid-market foreign exchange rates via our patented matching technology.

By directly matching businesses and individuals with opposite currency needs, we are able to eliminate the ‘spread or margin’ component from all transactions saving customers money with every payment. Banks and brokers generate billions in additional profits each year from the spreads they charge in the foreign exchange markets.

Transparent Fees & Rates

Our fees and rates are clear and transparent. We charge a single fee, depending on the amount/size of your transaction.

This includes the delivery of funds to your beneficiary’s bank account. Our rate is always the midpoint of the current interbank rate and is set at the time of a currency match.


The rates set by banks and brokers are arbitrary and hidden, they favour large corporates who conduct large transactions.

This scenario might discriminate against the smaller and infrequent users (i.e. most SME businesses and individuals). By using Midpoint, everyone receives the same exchange rate no matter how frequent or how large the size of the transaction.

Your Funds are Always Safe

Although we take the banks out of the foreign exchange part of the transaction, we do use them for deposit taking and to ensure the security of your funds. Your money moves - from your bank account to a segregated trust account at a local major bank using our payments platform Earthport Plc. The funds for your beneficiary are transferred from a segregated trust account at a major bank to your beneficiary’s bank account. Your funds are therefore always safe and secure.


Like all clearing and settlement systems, Earthport works on a cleared funds basis and requires its clients to provide liquidity funding prior to the execution of payment instructions. Were Earthport to cease trading, any funds held in client segregated accounts would be unwound and returned to their beneficial owner in full. As Earthport segregates all client monies and such monies never form part of Earthport’s corporate assets or balance sheet, any client credit risk is fully mitigated.

A Brief History

The idea of offering businesses and consumers the opportunity to buy foreign exchange at the midpoint (or cost rate) for a flat fee over the internet was conceptualised by a group of industry experts in 1998.

Over time, the implementation of this concept embraced many challenges in terms of intellectual property, banking compliance and security. However, with the increase in online payments and other peer to peer finance models, we have continued to push forward with this project in the belief that we could really offer a great value proposition to a broad range of potential customers.

The need for this service became even more evident in recent times due to the world banking crisis. We are extremely excited to introduce “Midpoint - the Evolution of Exchange” to you and hope you will feel the same way once you have had the chance to check out our site.

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Recent Testimonials

Ed van Wezel
Ceo Hi-Tec Sports International Holdings B.V.

"Midpoint offers their customers a platform for making online forex payments. They offer great value and are very efficient. I would highly recommend trying them out"

David Strongman
President Reflex International Inc.

I have used Midpoint's currency service to transfer corporate funds from the US to Europe and found it to be efficient, easy to use and most importantly it saved my company 30%+ on wire transfer / bank charges.

Claudio Migliore

Trustworthy and innovative service. As an expat, I use Midpoint to fund my overseas and home accounts easily and at a minimal cost.

Meena Bhandari
Finance Manager, Radiumone

Midpoint is an excellent platform to exchange large amounts of money, in which they offer the most competitive exchange rates, which are very close to the spot rate. They invaluably assist businesses to save money.

Adam Hayes
Managing Director, SNH Tax

Having used various other currency brokers and banks and been involved with referring clients to currency brokers, I have found Midpoint’s to be the best. Once you have registered with Midpoint, the process is simple, transparent and quick. You feel more in control than with other brokers and whenever you might have a question, I have found Midpoint's staff friendly, clear and prompt. I would have no hesitation in recommending Midpoint.

Jo Hiley

I used Midpoint to transfer money abroad following the sale of my flat. I looked at various providers and found Midpoint to be the most competitive. Their staff have been fantastic throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend Midpoint to anyone. They saved me lots of money compared to using my bank. Try them out!